Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Snow Day!

I'm a lazy blogger... I know, I know.  My future self will look back at this blog one day and wish that I had kept writing and telling stories about our little family.  It's just that some days, (or months), I just don't feel like talking to ANYONE... never mind a blog (it's a pregnancy thing.. I get extremely anti social LOL).

Today, there is fresh white snow everywhere.. the first big snow of the year.  Today feels like a good day to blog.

Of course, we had to call off school in favor of a SNOW DAY!

 Isn't that one of the privileges of homeschooling?  Actually, we'll get a bunch done this afternoon, but it's nice to see the kids running around in the fresh clean snow just... being kids.

Even not-so-baby-anymore Sammy got to join in on the fun for awhile.


And then... the obligatory hot chocolate.

 (imagine beautiful picture of six little kids clustered around the kitchen table with rosy cheeks and a warm mug in their hands... ignore the spills on their shirts and all over the table)

(and of course I forgot about the milk heating on the stove... and of course it boiled over and made a huge mess...  but that's a whole other story).