Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Now that would really spice up the bible

The kids were talking to their dad in the car about clouds, and he told them that mommy's favorite things were clouds:

E:No Dad, Mom's favorite thing is dad's blackberry!

Mom:Very funny!My favorite thing is Jesus...

E: Jesus isn't a thing! He's a man.

Z:No, Jesus can do anything... He has all the power. He can even turn into a giraffe!

Blackberry Love

Not the fruit... The cool phone my husband has for work. On a recent treip through the mountains I had waaaay too much fun playing with all the features including GPS, interenet access, and games. The kids had to fight me for it the whole trip.
I was able to research homeschooling curriculums, check the weather, talk to the dentist and add an appt to my google calendar, follow our car through the mountains on the screen, and get an estimated time of arrival.

Of course we also had fun laughing, watching the clouds and trees, stopping at a visitor centre and listening to sharon, lois and Braham.

Overall technology can be very useful and entertaining, but the best things in life are the slow, inefficient, and noisy family and friends that
God gave me.
God, grant me the grace to see how wonderful they really are.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Zoo time!

Heather is so much fun to be with when she's not in the big crowd of her siblings, trying to get noticed (poor middle child). Alone, she is a ball of joy.... curious about everything, sweet, kind and delightful.
My sister and I had a free morning last friday and since Z and E were both busy, we decided we could manage a trip to the Zoo. I probably could have managed with all five kids, but it was fun to spend some alone time with my 3 youngest.

The babies had a blast running all over the place, stopping to point at each animal they saw... especially all of the sparrows and the big airplanes that flew over our heads all morning. JP even said his almost first word... "blah blah!" (that means airplane).

The best part of the trip, however, was when we asked Heather what animal she wanted to see first:

"ummmm.. a HORSE!"

(poor child, obviously i haven't taken her to the zoo that often LOL... so I asked her what OTHER animals she would like to see)

"a COW!" she proudly proclaimed.

A sweet prairie girl at heart, I guess.
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Thoughtful girl

"Mommy, when grownup and BIG... I can be the mommy!!
And you can be the little girl, OK?"
"no, Heather dear... when you are a mommy, I will be the grandma."
(pauses to think hard).... "But mommy, who will be Heather?"
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Friday, August 15, 2008

How did this happen?

She's growing up so fast. In five short years my baby E is going to be almost 13 years old. gasp!!

This week she's in a daycamp from 9-4.  Her first real time away from the family for any extended length of time.   It's the Girl's Choir camp, and they are working hard on a Musical that they will preform in on saturday morning.  I'm so proud of her!!

Yesterday she was ecstatic because they even got to go on a field trip to a local park along the river.  Can you guess her favorite part of the whole day?  ..... the school bus ride LOL.

The second morning she got up and promptly told me that she did NOT want to wear a skirt that day.  (this is the girl who has worn a skirt or a dress every day since she was born.. I think she came out of the womb in a princess dress).  

"but mom! All the other girls are wearing pants!!"

sigh... 'all the other girls' are starting to make an entrance into her thoughts already?  She's really growing up!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping fun!!

After a crazy week of VBS at my parish, I decided to relax in the mountains with my five children, and my mom and dad.    OK, maybe relax isn't quite the right word :-) 

Between the 2 grizzly bear warnings, 1 black bear warning, 1 daring coyote warning, 1 furnace that wasn't working, 2 toddlers who weren't sleeping, 1 preschooler who wanted to go pee in the 'stinky potty' every 15 minutes, and six MILLION mosquitos, it was a very exciting trip!!

So exciting, that the day after, I went back out to the mountains with two of my girlfriends for a girls weekend away in a cozy cabin -without- the kids.

Now, to get back into homeschooling mode.  Anyone offering free nanny service is welcome to apply at my house :-)