Friday, November 27, 2009

And on we go...

Another season in our life over, and a new one beginning and I feel like I've just emerged out of this big fog, and walked into this new world, fresh with possibilities and sunshine!

Life since twins has been so so crazy. Especially life since unexpected twins.... double especially since becomming pregnant with child number six after unexpected twins. (and did I mention they are BOYS? TWO of them?? and the crazy age of three?).

Most of my pregnancy was filled with fatigue, worry and weariness. I had no idea how I was going to cope with another little child to take care of... no idea how homeschooling would be managed, no idea how I would feel physically or mentally.

Two big joys in my life

But then along came Samuel.

And the lessons were learned all over again.

'Melanie' , I heard whispered to me,

'children are a gift'

'You are loved'

And now I know it will all be ok. Life is hard at times, but so manageable when I look at all I have been blessed with.

Babies are such a sweet precious gift to a family... and when little Samuel, in turn, becomes another crazy three year old, maybe God will bless us with another little baby to remind us of the sacredness of human life and that we all need to live one moment at a time.
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