Monday, October 23, 2006

What's that I see? TWO babies??

I'm sure all my blog readers have either heard about our crazy news, or have deserted me since I haven't posted in a month... in either case, this is why I haven't been posting, nor will post as consistently as before for awhile: TWINS!!!! I'm still in shock. I am living the life that happens to other people.. the kind you read about in the paper :-) Posted by Picasa


Amy said...

Congratulations!! They are so beautiful. Some surprise, huh! :)

JennGM said...

Wow! Twins! That's terrific! I was just wondering what happened to Melanie!

Lisa said...

You look so good in the picture. Your kids are all so beautiful. Someone told me that she believe in the "grace of State" as much as she believes in the "state of grace", as God always provides us with the grace to live in the state that we are in as is proof with you. Embrace God's grace as you live with your 5 geaorgeous children.