Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Update on my Sons and an Ode to Grandparents

P and JP are in the Hospital with Mommy, as Peter (along with the rest of the Clan) have come down with a nasty cold, that apparently has a name: RSV.

P is currently on O2, but doing better every day. He is benefitting from all your prayers and well wishes for him. JP, unfortunately, is starting to come down with the same thing, and we are just praying that it doesn't get complicated as it did with P.

Many thanks to both sets of Grandparents, who have graciously helped out in all ways possible. These are the only people who are willing to take care of 3 very sick kids at home while Mom is with the other 2 and I'm dealing with a workplace gone crazy (Not that others haven't offered, but the thought of a lovely virus as a take home gift for your own children after helping out is not exactly something we would wish on anyone).

Part of this package deal is dealing with the copious amounts of snot , whining and crankyness produced by 3 sick kids under 7...and they keep coming back for MORE!!

Boy, they must love these kids or something!

Thanks Grandmas L & J and Grandpas J & E - You are the bestest.

Posted by Columba while Mommy takes care of my little men.
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Angel said...

You all definitely have my prayers! We have a lot of experience with RSV around here, but fortunately have never had one in the hospital yet (though we have come close.) We just went through this with the twins in January. Hope everyone gets well soon!

Melissa said...

I'm sure glad that you've got all of the help that you need! I wish a speedy recovery for everyone!


Lisa said...

You guys are in our prayers during this time of being seperated from each other. I hope everyone gets well soon and gets home.

In christ,

Tyler, Lisa and Maiah

Aunt Val said...

Oh, I'm so sorry. I didn't know. I haven't called Mom or Jeri in a bit because I've been sick, too.
Please give Melanie my love and tell her I'm worrying for her so she doesn't have to. And all my love to all your children who I so adore and love. Love to you, too.
Aunt Val