Thursday, September 06, 2007

We're Famous!!

Well, not really, but I'm so excited that Storynory wrote about us on their blog. How exciting!!
We're also listed on the Math-U-See blogroll too, and just last week a newspaper man called and wanted to interview us for a story on large families (if you're in my city, look for us in the Neighbours section mid september.. unless of course they thought everything I had to say was just not cool enough to make the newspaper).

Maybe I should go get my hair done, because I'm sure next up, Oprah will be knocking on my door. (maybe I should go clean the kitchen instead of blogging!!)

1 comment:

aunt val said...

I think you actually ought to get dressed earlier in the day! Being on Oprah in your pjs could be a little embarrassing although it might provide fodder for a new show -- extended families that stay together by dressing after noon or something like that. Grandma Sonia and I could be on with you. Just a thought!