Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Gift of Art

We were privileged to attend a beautiful seminar put on for Catholic homeschoolers in our area called the 'Gift of Art'. The afternoon consisted of two guest speakers, lots of beautiful religious art to look at, and many projects to try our hands at afterwards. Of course our resident artist (age 6) was inspired, and she spent the entire hour and a half after the presentation patiently drawing the following two pictures. She didn't even stop to play or chat with her friends which is very uncharacteristic of her. She was inspired!!

The first is a drawing of the nativity, looking at the Holy Family from inside the barn. You can see through the window and door in the back that it's night outside. I love the use of perspective to show depth of field.

The second picture is her copy of an old painting of Mary. (notice she couldn't help but add in a crown for Mary).

The preschooler was also inspired to draw, and he produced 5 drawings!! The first is of Noah's ark (see the rainbow on the top?) and the second is of Mary also. I was amazed at how his printing is developing.

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Ruth said...

Wow! These are so beautiful! I love them.

aunt val said...

I cannot believe that the top picture was drawn by a 6 year old!!! Kudos Elizabeth! I love the composition. It is a beautiful drawing.