Saturday, December 01, 2007

Advent ideas and links

Oh how can I not share all the treasures with you?
Advent is full of traditions to be made, prayers to be prayed and gifts to be treasured. Here is just a sprinkle of what's out there on the great wide internet for you:

Catholic Culture's Advent Workshop This is an amazing place, full of activities, recipes and devotions for each day of advent.

A Gypsy Caravan's advent traditions: Rebecca has compiled the devotions her family uses each evening during advent and they are so easy to print off and do with your own. She has made a beautiful advent log too that I want to try one day(24 candles to count down to christmas).

Advent Calendar on a beautiful wreath: Dawn always has wonderful ideas at her blog By Sun and Candlelight. She's one of my favorite bloggers. This is a craft similar to the simple advent chain we are doing this year, but much more elegant. Maybe I'll try this more sophisticated craft next year?

Christmas Mosaic: I love it! It's a Christmas booklist with lots of activities to do for each book including copywork, crafts, discussion questions and recipes. This will provide fruit for many a tea time this advent. There are also articles and reflections by homeschooling moms sprinkled throughout the book. I have been enjoying this one, as there are so many fluffy-santa books out there to wade through. I want to know what really good treasures there are for our christmas

Serendipity: Two homeschooling moms are providing us with so much fruit for advent lessons this year. They have written a wonderful free online 'curriculum' to follow that is loosley based on waldorf ideas. It's just so lovely, and full of wonder and food for the senses. Check out their Jesse Tree posts, and the St. Nicholas Flip book.

O Night Divine: Another wonderful blog devoted to advent and christmas. You can't miss this one. The mom who started it has twins like me. Where does she find the time?


Rebecca said...

Thank you for mentioning my site. :) I hope your family is having a happy Advent season! Blessings!

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