Monday, July 14, 2008

He wants to know everything about everything.

Conversing with my five year old boy:

"mom, where would we live if our house burned down?"

umm... I guess the insurance would give us money and we would buy a new one

"mom, where would we get a new house?"

well, a Real Estate Agent would help us

"like our neighbor? "  thoughtful pause... "where does he keep all those houses that he sells?"

(hiding a laugh) well Z, he doesn't acutally -have- them.  He just helps people sell theirs.

"oh! like in a garage sale. I get it"  and he walks away with a complete sense of understanding....  
he's so sweet at this age. He wants to know everything about everything and somehow his mind thinks that he almost does!!

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Anonymous said...

ahhh mel - I NEED to go DO things with my day! but I just want to read your blog and giggle and feel all warm and happy! sigh


p.s. my "word verification" is peringie - which should be a real word!