Thursday, October 01, 2009

Small Successes

Well, I guess it's time to try this out again.
8 1/2 months pregnant, tired and restless... I am sure I can still accomplish things during the week! I spend too much energy being hard on myself for not being perfect all the time. I am learning to live in the moment and do the best I can with what I am given.

So what are three things I've done this week? It's so tempting to list all the things I HAVEN'T done, because they follow me around like a noisy marching band, but I will ignore those.

1. I finally organized my linen closet with my trusty label maker. It's so fun to open the door and see freshly folded neat piles of sheets, blankets and towels.

2. We are almost done week 7 of school already!! Two more weeks and we will be done our first quarter. I am feeling so organized and am thankful for all the work I did over the summer to get me here.

3. I cleaned up my room, got all of our home birth stuff organized and in one place, and brought up the baby cradle, carseat and other essentials we will need this month. (AHHH! it's already october!!)


Anonymous said...

Good for you about being so organised... Maybe a label maker would help me. :D

Have fun preparing! October came rather quickly didn't it?

Happy nesting,

Wee Pip said...

Those are big accomplishments! Good job! And kudos for doing school: I remember feeling ready for a break by 29 weeks in the pregnancy:) Can't wait to "meet" the newest member of your family!