Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Feast of Saint Nicholas

How can it already be past the feast of Saint Nicholas?? I am in awe of how fast time passes as I get older and have more children. It really is true what they say about how quickly the littles grow up. My oldest is already nine years old, and becoming a little lady. Here she is holding Samuel for me, while all the siblings gather round and humor me so I can take a photo of all my sweet children.
The kids put their shoes out the night before, and could hardly stand the wait until morning when they could run downstairs to see what Saint Nicholas might have left them in their shoes. They were not dissapointed!! At the peaceful hour of 5am the awoke and waited (patiently) until 6:30: Chocolate coins, holy cards, a rosary ring and a big chocolate St. Nick (gluten free of course). Oh, and they all shared a new veggie tales movie and a book.

(In case you aren't familiar with this feast dat, it's largely a European tradition, where children put out shoes or stockings on the evening before the Feast of Saint Nicholas - december 6th. He is the patron saint of children, and was a well loved bishop in the third century... go to The Saint Nicholas Centre website for stories, history and activities).

After a breakfast of chocolate, we headed off the church for the 2nd sunday of advent, in a big snowstorm, and spent the rest of the day resting, watching new movies and enjoying each other's company. At bedtime, all the kids piled into mommy's bed and I read them one of the many xmas books I have taken out of the library. Good thing I have a kingsized bed!!
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