Monday, September 27, 2010


2 weeks old
The twins turned FOUR yesterday.
It is hard to believe we were ever a family without them.  They are so much a part of who we are and who we will always be.
Four is very big.  Four is little boy. Four is preschool, and ABCs and learning to do up buttons and jackets.  
I love four. It's running to mommy to get a kiss and a bandaid... sitting on her lap with a story (or five)...  laughing at jokes on Veggie Tales... racing to see who is the fastest... 
Four is still falling asleep in the car, but staying awake for family movie night.  
Four is old enough to ride bikes!!
The boys were very excited to get their own big boy bikes.... we all pooled our money to buy them some new run-bikes.  (basically little bikes without pedals, so they run with their feet and then glide on two wheels if they can go fast enough).  
They spent all day riding on them. In fact, they were outside with their helmets and shoes on before I even got out of bed. (the big kids were helping them).  They are so proud and having such a fun time being big boys.


Dana said...

Wow Mel, where does the time go??? Love the bikes; we bought an orange one for Lucy last week.

Wee Pip said...

awww, they've gotten so big! 4 is one of my favorite ages:)

Anonymous said...

Hi M! We were wondering if you would like to be included in the Oct 2009 Babies collage at MOMYS? We'd love to include you!:D

Your little ones are so beautiful! I think four is a lot of fun too! :)