Saturday, June 30, 2007

how to vacation with 5 kids under 7

We just went on an adventure.. a suprise vacation for the family!!

Who says you need to be super organized and planned with five kids under 7?? When I think back to the days of just one or two children, and all of the stuff we would take, and the time it would take to pack and get organized to go on a trip with the kids, I am amazed at what we just accmoplished yesterday.

Sean and I have been wanting to learn the Creighton model of NFP for some time now, and it happened to work out that we could meet with a teacher yesterday. The only problem: she was in a different city 3 hours north of us, and we found out the day before.

No problem!! We are used to excitment and spontaneity around here (since the twins were born)... we booked a hotel for the night, piled the kids in the car first thing the next morning and drove up to meet with her.

Here's our trip in a nutshell:

4 hours driving each way
5 car seats
5 opportunities to grow in our charity towards others
1 suitcase to hold 7 people's things
1 big stroller to push around the 3 littles
1 loaded diaper bag
1 BIG bag of wipes
1 hotel room with
1 king size bed in it's own room, and
1 queen pull out couch in the living room
2 playpens
2 trips to the biggest mall on earth!!
301 comments about the stroller, the number of kids we have, and the twins
5 happy faces
2 tired, but happy faces
1 messy van
5 sleeping angels (after all that excitement)

I am convinced that the key to enjoying life with children, is to CHANGE YOUR EXPECTATIONS about how you think things should go.

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