Tuesday, June 19, 2007


We've been pretty busy.

Here's what we've been learning:

the twins:
-how to climb up on anything and everything.
-how to climb INTO everything
-how to eat a variety solid food
-how to sit up in high chairs

-how to draw on paper (NOT on walls, or the floor, or her self)
-how to glue things
-how to say just about anything she wants
-how to roll snakes out of playdough

-how to build really good train track layouts
-how to stay out of trouble by not hitting your brother or biting your sister when they wreck your really good train layouts
-what sounds the letters in the alphabet make (courtesy of that great leap video)

-how to backstitch and embroider
-how to handsew
-how to spell
-how to add things that equal 9 and 10
-how to add her 1s and 2s.

-How to deal with the laundry mountain that 5 children produce
-how to embroider (made a pillow for my grandma, and one for my friend's newborn)
-how to get by on very little sleep and stay happy.

We've also been to the Science Centre, Heritage Park, gone for a few walks, braved the crowded farmer's market with our big stroller, and almost made it on time to church a few times.

Mostly though, we just can't WAIT to move to our new house.

1 comment:

Aunt Val said...

the slide show pictures are so cute!
how did Peter get into the cupboard??
yikes, it looks like fun!

love, Aunt Val