Wednesday, November 21, 2007

haven't felt much like bloggin

I've been tired, and the babies have started walking, so I've been more tired. And they are still teething so I don't get much sleep at night.
Haven't felt much like bloggin, but we're all ok here. just tired.

Here's what we've been up to:

math: on to Beta. We've done the first three lessons including inequalities, sequence and review of last year.

spelling: finished lesson 9, 15/15.

Reading: almost done the last reader in the series. She's reading really well now.

grammar: memorized the months of the year, our address, phone number and 2 new poems. Learned about action verbs and pronouns. Label nouns and verbs in sentences.

science: finishing up our unit on the forest.. almost done a lapbook.

History: haven't done much this month... been focusing on science instead.

religion: making a handmade prayer book for her morning prayers from CHC.

art: finishing up projects from her weekly art class. art show coming up soon.

Music: fall concert was a success, practicing for the Christmas concert and the downtown concert hall. Church choir ongoing each weekend.

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