Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First Day of School

Blogging has been sparse, I know. I had a really hard spring where I was feeling overwhelmed all the time, very very tired and super-antisocial. I took the first two months of summer to relax, rest and remember the joy that I can find in the midst of daily life with my crazy little family.
I'm feeling much better now, remembering to live one day at a time.

I can hardly believe it, but I'm 31 weeks pregnant already, and we've started school again for the next year. I plan to take a few weeks off when the baby comes, so we started early.

Yesterday was the first day.

Grade 4 for Elizabeth, Grade 1 for Z, and my own preschool class of 3 monkeys.

Here are a few pictures. We had fun at the park, soaking in the sunshine, and I tried in vain to get all 5 kids looking at me and smiling at the same time:


solarcellphonecharger said...

nice pix..

Angel said...

I can't believe you're 31 weeks already! Wow, time flies. It's good to "see" you around again. We just started up again as well, and I, too, have a preschool class of 3 monkeys. And a 1st grader. You are going to have to tell me how *you* do it, because my monkeys are making me pull my hair out just a bit lately. LOL

Glad to hear you're feeling better!

Val said...

what great photos!!!

Wee Pip said...

So cute! Your 5 all look so much bigger, wow! You must be about 33 weeks pregnant by now:)