Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Speaking of the Twins...

From first day of school 09 1

I tried so hard to get a cute picture of the two of you KNOW how hard it is to get two 2 year old boys to smile (facing the same direction) at the same time??

Why do I torture myself? I think I just need to take a bunch and then get my dear mother to photshop them for me!!! The first picture is where I'm saying 'smile!' and they are saying 'NO'. Not off to a good start.
From first day of school 09 1

The second picture: notice the mischevious look on Ps face... throwing leaves and being the ham he always is.

From first day of school 09 1
The thrid picture is to trick you... did you notice they switched places? This is because they ran away chasing leaves and I had to threaten them with going home if they didn't sit down and smile. Now JP is throwing leaves.

From first day of school 09 1
In the fourth picture they were actually both smiling, but just as I pressed the button, P burped (their latest skill they are proud of). sigh.... but the final picture was the best one of all....
I decided to play the game their way. Instead of telling them to smile, or say 'cheese' I resorted to telling them to say 'Poop!' and I finally got some smiles.... well sort of. Maybe next year we'll get some better 1st day pictures.

From first day of school 09 1


Val said...

this is so cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nicole Bailey said...

I just happened upon your blog when I was googling HS in Calgary.
I'm a Catholic mom of five as well, and I am planning on Hsing this year. Can you tell me what school you registered with. I know there are two catholic homeschools for calgarians but can't decide which one.

Wee Pip said...

I love it! They are adorable! LOL.