Wednesday, September 09, 2009

New bike!

Feeling sorry for his little preschooler who couldn't keep up with the big kids, daddy decided to use his RBC Points to purchase a fancy new tricycle for H this summer. It's red and silver and shiny with a bell and a horn, and a seat on the back to take friends with you. She loves it.... but (and couldn't you see this coming?) the TWINS love it more. You should see P whiping around the driveway and sidewalk on this thing. Looks like daddy needs to start saving his points again so he can buy another one.

H (and all the kids really) has spent the summer playing all day at the park across the street with the neighborhood kids. Within one block of our house there are 5 girls close to the kids age, and 1 boy for Z. Including our kids, there can be a mob of over 10 kids at the park at one time playing tag, chase-the-girls, catch the butterflies, and other inventive games. What a fun summer! Even the twins got to enjoy the fun by being scary dragons that chase the other kids around up and down the slide.

This is just the sort of fun that children love. Warm sunny days outside, close to home, but far enough away that they are in their own little world. Thank you God for giving us this wonderful house and wonderful neighborhood!
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