Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Week 4!

With a new baby on the way shortly (I am 34 weeks pg already!), I decided to start school a little early. The kids were a little unhappy about the idea at first, but as we quickly fell into a rhythym, everyone has been enjoying the new structure that school gives to our days.

Z is in grade 1 already, and is doing a fantastic job of all of his work, although he detests reading lessons (but we are persevering because we know that there is a light at the end of the tunnle and he is improving every day).

E is in grade 4 (can't believe how old she is getting). She has been enjoying her schoolwork this year too.

H is in preschool and is learning new things all the time. She loves letters and enjoys copying words from all over the house, and making up her own words.

The twins... well, let's just not talk about them right now LOL. They are quite a pair, and enjoy getting into mischeif. This is a whole new post of its own.

Here's our plans for this year... i'll start with grade 4 and do grade 1 when i have more time.

Grade 4

Math: Horizons 4 (still working great for us)

Spelling: All About Spelling (starting at level one for review and working through the rest of the
4 books as time allows... the kis LOVE this new spelling program and look forward to it each day)

Copywork: Memoria Press Cursive copywork book. (E is just practicing her cursive formation here)

Latin: Latina Christiana 1 (this is going great this year).

Writing/grammar: Writing Tales 2 (we love this program... I wish I had found it last year, and I wish she would write higher levels of the program... it's a great gentle introduction to writing).

History: History odyssey level 1, Early Modern Times

Science: Exploring Creation with Astronomy (2009 is the International Year of Astronomy and we are having fun already... posts on this to follow)
Art/nature study: Hearts and Tress Kits (more on this later... we are loving these mom-friendly kits for nature and art study. )

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