Tuesday, November 07, 2006

What I have learned

The one thing that I've learned through this whole new adventure is the virtue of humility. (Not humiliation... although I have that one down too, when people come over to see me still in my PJs at 3pm, with hair everywhere and milk all over my shirt, and toys strewn all through the house).

Learning humility for me has been allowing myself to let go of my perfectionism and pride, and allow other people to help me. To say yes to every offer of help that comes our way (and believe me we are overflowing with offers), and to admit that I can't do this by myself. Without humility I would be shut up inside my house alone (with five kids), pretending that I am supermom, and drowning in laundry, dishes, dust and diapers... and growing more and more grumpy and irritable each day.

Instead, God has given us the most wonderful gift of a community of people who have surrounded us with love and great generosity. I have rarely been without help since the babies were born 5 weeks ago. Every day someone either comes over and drops off a meal, throws in some laundry, reads to my little emerging reader, changes a diaper, or just settles in for nice adult conversation. Thank you with all my heart, to everyone who has shown their kindness and love towards us. I can say with certainty that we couldn't do this without you.

The only reason I can see that God chose to bless us with twins is not that he knew WE could handle it, but that he knew YOU could handle it. He had such faith and trust in our community of friends and family, that he knew he could leave us all in your kind, generous hands.

Thank You.

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