Tuesday, March 13, 2007

moving along

Every day gets a little easier... and a little harder.

Easier, because I am surrendering more and more each day to the crazy life I live. I am surrenduring my expectations of what it means to have a good day, surrenduring my plans of just about anything from a shower, to laundry to meals to homeschooling, and surrenduring my life to God who is the only one who can possibly get me through this phase of life I am in. (and make no mistake.. a phase it is. I know only too well that my little twins will grow faster than I can remember their antics and scrapbook and blog them... my toddler will be telling me detailed stories before long, and my six year old will be asking for the car keys. I may be rich in sleep then, but poor in many ways if I do not take the time to treasure these moments now).

Harder... because the babies are on the threshold of independence. They have started to notice they can use their hands for grabbing things, and playing with toys, and I know this only leads to crawling (to get at more toys), and walking to get at higher and farther toys, and running, to beat their twin to the best toys!! And I already imagine that running does not necessarily happen all towards the same object or out the same door... How will I split myself three ways to chase down my littles??

At least Spring is approaching swiftly and with it, more time for the kids to play outside, more sun to brighten my moods, and a fresh breath of air to recharge my sleep deprived mind.

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