Sunday, May 09, 2010

At least he offered me some too...

Sweet little sam (now an unbelievable 6 months old) couldn't wait to wish me a happy mother's day. So when his personal alarm clock went off at 5am (the birds outside his window), he called for me to come and get him.

I brought him back to my room to see if my warm cozy bed could entice him back to sleep, but he just wanted to lay there and make cute baby noises... Which subsequently woke up his daddy, who promptly got up and started rummaging around in his drawer for something.

At this point, I got excited, because I thought he might be getting me some treat he had saved just for mother's day! But no such luck... He quickly pulled out some earplugs, sleepily offered me some, put them in his ears and went back to sleep with a pillow over his head.

Luckily I was born with a great ability to be easily amused instead of easily offended, and decided to let the poor man sleep. Too bad Samuel doesn't know how to cook yet. I was hoping for someone to make me something yummy! (I guess there's always the chocolate chip stash I keep in the cupboard for moments like these)

Happy mother's day everyone!

P.s. Small addendum: he redeemed himself and came downstairs to find us 15 minutes later. I can't go back to sleep now though... I'm having too much fun playing with new iPad that he bought me last week for my birthday. (thanks honey! That's got to redeem him for more than a few earplug mornings).

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