Sunday, May 09, 2010

Happy Mother's Day!!

After an early start to the day with my little sunrise baby,  I have had the loveliest of mornings.

My husband made the most scrumptious brunch yet. He really is a wonderful husband, let me tell you! Crepes with all kinds of yummy fillings, bacon, hash browns, sausages, whipping cream, lemon curd.. yummy!! (and with the various allergies in the family everything was also Gluten, Dairy and Nut free!...and he's presently at the park with all 5 of the big kids while I'm relaxing in my quiet house.  I'm so glad I married this man).

Elizabeth helped him out, and also made us a beautiful chocolate cake.  My mom and dad, my sister and her family and my mother in law all celebrated with us.  

I helped out by looking pretty, making a some cards, and organizing his menu on my new iPad with my new favorite app Corkulous.  


Aunt Val said...

I love how the twins are now included in the rank of the big kids! wow.

also, I can't read all the directions for the whipped coconut milk--Mom said it was really good.

Melissa said...

Thanks for having such a great Mother's Day brunch for us! :) It was fantastic!!!!

Kristi said...

Hi! Thanks for commenting :) So your littlest one is named Samuel? Mine is too!! How funny. I posted more about our conversion to Catholicism here:
I'm going to browse around on your blog :)

Wee Pip said...

Hi, Melanie - just checking in to see how you are doing. I remember the days when we actually had the time to blog more and email each other, lol! God bless:)