Friday, May 19, 2006

Good morning!

This morning we got up early, had a nice breakfast and started on our school work for the day with lots of smiles and joy. Something about the spring time seems to put everyone in a wonderful mood.

First we read a bible story, then we read a beautiful story out of Catholic Tales for Girls and Boys. The kids love doing 'religion' because it usually means we get to read stories. We got out of the habit of doing readalouds for awhile there at the start of my pregnancy (too tired!!) but now that I'm feeling better we've been doing it again. I'm excited about next year, because I just pre-ordered a copy of Catholic Mosaic - Living the Liturgical Year with Literature,An illustrated book study forCatholic children. This will provide lots of great material for us.

After religion, we pulled out our math books and finished up the chapter on pre-algebra. E has fun being the math detective to find out the missing number. She is getting really fast at doing her math facts too... I think we'll keep up with math over the summer on a lighter basis so she doesn't forget everything that she learned this year. Today she did things like ?+2=8, and 100+100, and counting by 2s and 10s.

While E was busy doing math, Z climbed up beside her and I pulled out his 'school' books: the Kumon cutting book and coloring book. He was so proud of his little efforts. They are geared right at his level so he can feel like he's really accomplishing something. The coloring page he did today was sweet.. he had to draw ketchup on a plate of spaghetti. (he also decided to add strawberries, blueberries and lettuce).
Now she is busy in the kitchen peeling carrots for me for dinner and after that I'll shoo them outside with a snack to enjoy the nice spring weather.

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Melissa said...

Your kids are sooooo cute!

Is that swimming tattoo ever going to come off? LOL. I was joking with E on Mothers Day, saying that it wasn't going to come off until she was older. She thinks it will come off by the time she's 7. Ha ha.

Love ya