Friday, May 26, 2006

math games

I recently showed my face back at the library after a self-imposed sabbatical (too many overdue fines... just my way of supporting them LOL)

Anyways, I found a delightful little book filled with fun math games using cards and dice for grades preK-3. It’s called Shuffling into Math, and we’ve had lots of fun playing games this week.

This afternoon we played a fun game where you roll a dice and then get to pick that number of raisins from the pile. After 3 turns each, we get to count our piles and eat them up!! Z won by a landslide, which is surprising, because I had to keep stopping him from eating his before we were done.

Later, we had fun making shapes out of the raisins. I told the kids to try and make a circle. Z decided that was too hard and announced he was going to make a finger. Go figure!

Now the kids are busy playing some games without me while I try to make dinner before daddy comes home. They started playing a simplified version of war (remember that game? Whoever has the highest card wins the pile)… but Z got really sad and started to cry when E won one round and took his ‘heart’. He had real tears and everything...

So now they are playing another game, guaranteed to have a tie (hee hee!!)… I shuffled the deck and put it in the middle of the table. They took turns turning over a card from the pile, and if it was a club or a heart, it went in Zach’s pile, and if it was a diamond or a spade it went in E’s pile. They were THRILLED when the found out at the end they both tied. Kids are so easy to entertain. Posted by Picasa


Henry Cate said...

Sounds like a fun counting game.

melanie said...

I think it would have been even more fun if we were using chocolate chips... but I decided that I didn't need 3 kids jumping off the walls while I was trying to make dinner. :-)