Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Mother's day cards

I got such beautiful presents for mother's day this year. Sean woke up early and went downstairs with the kids to make mommy breakfast and color some cards for me.

When they came upstairs, they were so excited to wish mommy a happy mother's day. I love their little smiles first thing in the morning. Sean had made a DVD with pictures and videos of me and the kids set to music for me (had me in tears), and the kids both waved their cards in my face.

E gave me her card first: a beautifully decorated card with ribbons and colors, and a drawing of me and sean in a heart, and then on the other page me dressed up in a tutu dancing. It was pure girl.

Then it was the little boy's turn. Z's card is blue with a bunch of scribbles on it.

"What's that picture of sweetie?"

"ummm.. It's a ghost"

"A ghost??... ohhh... it's ... nice" (trying not to laugh, and wondering why a ghost was on my mother's day card). "What's this picture of Z?"

"oh, that's a man with his head broke off"

(mommy and daddy collapse into uncontrollable laughter and the difference between little girls and boys.... )

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Sharon said...

Happy Belated Mothers Day! :)