Friday, August 04, 2006

Life with little ones

This is a beautiful post written by Elizabeth Foss, a catholic homeschooling mom in the states... I've been thinking more and more about how I need to limit computer time, and just really 'be' with my children. I love them, but I find that I can get into these ruts where I'm always trying to find something to occupy them away from me so I can get a breather. But, like I tell my eldest child all the time when she can't wait for the next fun even to come... Stop wishing your life away!!

They are my life and my vocation, and this period with them all so young is so shortlived that I want to savour it and enjoy it.

I know I'm one step ahead in the game already by not having a television to distract me or the kids with, but there are so many other things that can grab my attention and mind away from them.

Go ahead and read her post... it's very beautiful.. and then check out the rest of her blog and look at her series of posts on teaching and playing with preschoolers in the home.


Anonymous said...

Sweet Melanie,

YOU are doing a wonderful job of being a Mom. It is such a rewarding and joyful job, but filled with times of just wanting to be you. Dad and I think you are doing a terrific job. Keep up the wonderful work.



melanie said...

awww mom, you are so sweet :-) I love you.


aunt val said...

Wow, I agree. I still think I was too absent of a mother, and although I was totally engrossed in my children sometimes it felt like I was just trying to find something for them to do so I wouldn't have to deal with them. Maybe that's what Moms have to do when they have children around them in order to have the energy and love to cope with their incredible high energy levels. I hope you still blog, as I think you are the Queen of Blogs, and I love keeping up with your daily life, but maybe 2 or 3 times a week would suffice. With lots of pictures, which tell a lot without words. On the other hand, when you stop to write things down, you really have to think about them, and it helps to crystalize your thinking. Blogging is, afterall, journalling. But whatever you decide Melanie, you are a wonderful Mother and you have wonderful children and none of us are perfect although you are close at times.
Love, Aunt Val

Dana said...

Always a pleasure to read your blog Mel, however often. Check out my latest-when things are tough it's days like today that make us truly appreciate these gifts. (Mine is a bit rambly because I'm crying the whole time recounting my story from work)