Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Science With daddy

On saturday Daddy is the science guy. This week the kids got up early, helped make a nice breakfast with dad and then started on their science project. We have spent the week learning about weather and the seasons, and their project was to make a wind vane.

First, they pulled out all of their materials, started reading the instructions, but then got sidetracked talking about the compass and directions. E decided to draw a picture of a compass in her science notebook, and then draw pictures of what was to the N, S, E and W of our house.

Daddy introduced her to the amazing world of google earth, and they spent about an hour together exploring all the interesting pictures of the world. Personally, the program makes me very dizzy and sick, so I was happily scrapbooking at the kitchen table.

Later on they eventually got back to their experiment, and discovered the wind was coming from the SE. I think Science with Daddy will be lots of fun this year!!

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