Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Who has time to go to school when you are busy being an artist?

We've had so much fun over the last week creating beautiful paintings, drawings and crafts that we haven't had time to do any blogging at all!

We started E's art curriculum this week with a trip to Michael's and bought a whole bunch of really nice and very enticing art supplies. As soon as we got home, E got right into them, creating many beautiful pictures:

Later she did her first lesson, and part of it was to draw something that she could see around her using her new special ebony pencil. We were sitting outside and so this is what she drew: (our front yard)
A few days later she did the second lesson, which was to draw and then color with watercolor crayons something that she loved about where she is growing up she should use her imagination and creativity. This is what she drew: (mom, E and Z watching a movie on our laptop, H and a friend eating at the table, and daddy making breakfast for everyone in the kitchen)
We also did a lot of playing with modelling clay this week. E made among other things, a bird and a triceritops:We also spent some time doing History drawings (Noah and his ark), and Religion (St. Anne). Whew! What a busy week, and that was just the fun subjects!!

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Ladybugs said...

Your children's art work is lovely!

Wonderful colors!