Monday, August 27, 2007

the dilemma

I really want to blog about our new house and show you some wonderful pictures so you can enjoy my new home with me. I have a lovely post all written up ready to go, just waiting for the pictures.

However, because I'm breaking my own rule about not going on the computer until after lunch time so I can clean and do all that house-wifey stuff... the house is MESSY and I have no pictures. (can't show you a messy house and break the illusion of what a perfect housewife/mother/homeschooler you have of me).

So... I guess you'll have to wait. Until I clean up.

Might take awhile. (shhh.. I'm not even dressed yet, and it's almost 11!!)

I guess that's why I made that rule in the first place.

oh, and then there's the small matter of having to clean up the mess of having had my wallet stolen over the weekend. grrrr.

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