Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Oh babies

Cute cute cute... I love this age.

The babies are getting into lots of mischief:

-Crawling at super speed

-Sitting up really good now

-Eating everything ( and all the leftovers on the floor too) P is especially fond of Popsicles LOL

-Crawling up the stairs

-Pulling the sliding screen door open and crawling outside

-Pulling all the books off my shelves

-Crawling off the beds backwards (most of the time)

- Crawling down the stairs backwards

-Walking along furniture

-walking across the floor pushing things like chairs, toys, each other

-babbling: na na na, da da da, ma ma ma, SCREEECH!! (JP), Phllleeeeeeshhhsssspp! (P)

-sitting up in the bathtub. (strange, but I put them inside a laundry basket inside the tub. It keeps them from falling over and gives them something to hold onto).

-waving hello and bye bye (P)

We're planing a big party for them next month when they turn ONE. Stay tuned for details!

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FancyLady said...

Ooooooh this little video is absolutely wonderful