Monday, August 27, 2007

Encyclopedia Of Me

This is a fun project that will keep me busy for a time here... I'm joining in on a meme called the Encyclopedia of Me, which was started by Cassi over at Belladia. We'll see how far I get into the alphabet, but watch for these posts every couple of days.

I am trying to use this blog as a virtual scrapbook of our family life and our homeschooling adventures, so most of what I put on here is for my own memories for later when I want to remember what it was like when... This project calls for you to type a blog entry for each letter of the alphabet listing things about your life, creating an encyclopedia of sorts about yourself. Sounds like fun!! Come join me with your own encyclopedia if you'd like!! Not all of us have the time or patience to make beautiful scrapbooks, but we all have a few seconds to type something down, or write in a journal.

Ok, off to bed I go. Watch for the letter A coming soon.

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