Thursday, February 14, 2008

all sorts

many things going on here... not the least of which is the stomach flu that has knocked down daddy and assorted children.
I was mildly sick, but am feelin fine now. Hopefully it will be short, as we are going to see Riverdance this weekend!! FUN!!

I've been busy making a gluten-free recipe each day. I've tried Quinoa-hazlenut cookies, teff raisin bran muffins, banana nut muffins, sunflower multigrain bread, sesamee seed pecan bread, pizza dough, buns. They are all MILES better than some of the stuff that I have bought in the store and some things you can't tell the difference between the normal version. Some things weren't so good, and they are all much more expensive. I think we might have to look into changing some of our eating habits instead of trying to replace everything with a substitute.

Today we are going to the Children's hospital for an orientation for E's biopsy next week (she's scheduled for the 21st of feb). She's excited to go on a tour and meet some other little kids who are having operations too. We're also going to get all her siblings tested while we are there. Grandma is coming to help out(thank you God!!).

Homeschooling is slowing down a bit while we are dealing with learning a new diet, and getting through the stomach flu. I can't WAIT to get off gluten and watch how my little sweetie pie can start growing and gainig weight and feeling!!

Today, I also visited the most amazing blog. It's from a beautiful family that is trying to adopt a special little boy from Liberia. I was touched by their generosity and love for this little soul. They have reminded me that every single person on this eart has dignity and deserves love and joy. I couldn't help them very much financially, but I gave what I could. Go read their story and be inspired to bring love into your own little corner of your world...

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