Wednesday, February 27, 2008

moving along`

Thank you for the well wishes and inquiries into elizabeth.. she is doing well. Her biopsy was last thrusday and she did great! She was so brave, woke up right away after the procedure and was well enough to go to her art class that afternoon and play with her friend after supper.

The biopsy results are not back yet, but the doctor said she was pretty sure it will be positive from what she saw with just her eye.

Thus, we've been gluten free here since thursday. I've made about 5 loaves of bread that didn't turn out at all (soggy in the middle and not like bread at all), and just today i made one really GOOD loaf!! YAY!! We enjoyed it as french toast for lunch. I also finally figured out how to make cookies that don't look like rice paper with chocolate chips. YAY!! They look and taste like real ones.

I also made banana bread (yummy), pizza dough, 2 kinds of pita bread and flour tortillas.

I basically spend all day in the kitchen, in between changing diapers, wiping bums, doing laundry and vacuming... oh and homeschooling LOL. We're happy though. We're eating healthy, homemade foods, the sun is shining and life couldn't be much better.


Wee Pip said...

Sounds like the kitchen experiments are going well! During our wheat-free days another mom told me of a gluten free flour that rises like real flour. I'm trying to remember what it was! I'm thinking it was buckwheat. If I see that mom again, I'll ask. But experimentation is probably the best way to find out (and I see further down your blog that you have plenty of flours to try!) There is a yahoogroup called terrifickidswa (wa stands for with allergies). That may help you, as well (I know celiac is an intolerance rather than an allergy, but it seems silly to me to make that distinction, esp if the intolerance is as serious as some allergies:) Anyhow, praying for you...

Scarlett_333 said...

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Wee Pip said...

Me, again. I goofed on the yahoogroup...its called (WFA stands for "with food allergies").

Stacie said...

A friend of mine who is gluten free swears by arrowhead mills flours. If you write them they may send you coupons as well.

Adele said...

Hi from a fellow Canadian. Are there any good Catholic Homeschool groups there in Calgary. I have a friend who might be interested in homeschooling there and doesn't know of any.

God bless,