Tuesday, February 05, 2008

the other kids

I know I write alot about E the 7 year old... artwork, school work, celiac, choir... there is never a shortage of blogging material with my firstborn. You have also heard a bit about the twins because they are quite newsworthy by nature of being suprise twins.

However, you don't often hear of the other 2 kids i have. I've been thinking about my job as a mother recently, and now that I'm not in crisis mode anymore (with newborns, lack of sleep, rsv, etc...) I am trying to be really present to all of my children. Sure, I feed them, bathe them, clean up after them, wash their clothes and wipe their bums... but do I really know them? What makes them special? What makes them them?

It's amazing how different each one is. They are all such beautiful gifts to me, and I really cherish the time I spend individually with them. As a group, they join forces to create havoc with my peace and my sanity... until I can't think.. especially around dinner time or bed time... or anytime after about 3:30 actually... but individually, they are such amazing creations.

I love talking to each one, and finding out what is inside their minds, and their hearts. What their favorite color is and what their favorite book to read is. I love hearing about what the biggest dinosaur in the world is, and hearing songs about Yankee Doodle and his makywoney sung over and over. I am the luckiest mom in the world. You readers of my blog only get a glimpse into one part of my life-- the homeschooling, and if you think that is fun, and darling, then you can't imagine what you don't see.

I have such joy at being given this family of mine.

I'd love to tell you much more, but right now I have to go rescue the flour bin from the twins. They have a knack at getting into trouble... Following after their big sister I guess.

Look forward to some more posts about the simple joys of living among these perfectly wonderful indivdual little children I have. That is, after I clean up the flour and whatever mess is beyond this room that I haven't seen yet.

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