Monday, August 18, 2008

Zoo time!

Heather is so much fun to be with when she's not in the big crowd of her siblings, trying to get noticed (poor middle child). Alone, she is a ball of joy.... curious about everything, sweet, kind and delightful.
My sister and I had a free morning last friday and since Z and E were both busy, we decided we could manage a trip to the Zoo. I probably could have managed with all five kids, but it was fun to spend some alone time with my 3 youngest.

The babies had a blast running all over the place, stopping to point at each animal they saw... especially all of the sparrows and the big airplanes that flew over our heads all morning. JP even said his almost first word... "blah blah!" (that means airplane).

The best part of the trip, however, was when we asked Heather what animal she wanted to see first:

"ummmm.. a HORSE!"

(poor child, obviously i haven't taken her to the zoo that often LOL... so I asked her what OTHER animals she would like to see)

"a COW!" she proudly proclaimed.

A sweet prairie girl at heart, I guess.
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Mel said...

I would, share my horse with Heather and Scout my horse would love it! As for the cow, I'd have to take a country drive...