Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Camping fun!!

After a crazy week of VBS at my parish, I decided to relax in the mountains with my five children, and my mom and dad.    OK, maybe relax isn't quite the right word :-) 

Between the 2 grizzly bear warnings, 1 black bear warning, 1 daring coyote warning, 1 furnace that wasn't working, 2 toddlers who weren't sleeping, 1 preschooler who wanted to go pee in the 'stinky potty' every 15 minutes, and six MILLION mosquitos, it was a very exciting trip!!

So exciting, that the day after, I went back out to the mountains with two of my girlfriends for a girls weekend away in a cozy cabin -without- the kids.

Now, to get back into homeschooling mode.  Anyone offering free nanny service is welcome to apply at my house :-)

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