Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Blackberry Love

Not the fruit... The cool phone my husband has for work. On a recent treip through the mountains I had waaaay too much fun playing with all the features including GPS, interenet access, and games. The kids had to fight me for it the whole trip.
I was able to research homeschooling curriculums, check the weather, talk to the dentist and add an appt to my google calendar, follow our car through the mountains on the screen, and get an estimated time of arrival.

Of course we also had fun laughing, watching the clouds and trees, stopping at a visitor centre and listening to sharon, lois and Braham.

Overall technology can be very useful and entertaining, but the best things in life are the slow, inefficient, and noisy family and friends that
God gave me.
God, grant me the grace to see how wonderful they really are.

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