Sunday, February 14, 2010

Golden Valentine's day!!

While not the most romantic valentines day I have ever spent, this certainly ranked as one of my favorites. We spent the day as a family, enjoying chocolates and flowers from daddy, valentine making, mass, a scrumptious brunch at home and Olympic watching all afternoon.

The kids are such a delight to me.  It has been fun to watch them get excited over the Olympics and cheer for our Canadian athletes. They were THRILLED to see a Canadian get a GOLD medal tonight in men's moguls.  It is our first Gold in our home country.  I could see how proud the kids were when he won.  While the canadians were racing, I even saw Z cross himself and say a prayer that we would win.

We are also having fun keeping track of who is winning the most medals on a big wall-chart beside our tv.

GO Canada!!

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Tina Marie said...

We watched it too! The kids were so excited to see Alexandre Bilodeau win Canada's first Gold Medal on Canadian soil. My heart was racing and at that moment, I was so proud to be Canadian. Hopefully it won't be Canada's last Gold Medal.