Sunday, February 14, 2010

My valentines

E made us a pretty one that didn't scan well at all due to it's 3-D nature. (and i'm just too tired to take a picture, so this is all you get LOL).  She spent a long time on it, and I just love it.

H is starting to draw quite a bit now, and her valentine is a picture of me and her in the rain with our umbrellas.

Z made my favorite one of the year.  Definitely a card from a boy (although not much can beat his 'man with a his head that fell off' card when he was 3 years old).  This is a pirate valentine, with me and him in our respective pirate ships.  So cute!

The twins also made some valentines for our two priests and the choir director at church who hands out suckers after mass every sunday.  

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! I'm off to sleep for an early bed, trying to not get strep throat again. I just finished my 3rd round of antibiotics yesterday and am praying it doesn't come back this time.

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