Saturday, February 13, 2010

opening ceremonies

While watching the opening ceremonies for the Olympics last night, our eldest son (age 6) got really excited when Mongolia was coming into the stadium:

"MOM! They are going to have Pope as a figure skater!!"

My husband and I get this very amusing image of our dignified little, 82 year old Pope on ice skates twirling to his favorite Mozart....

"Uh, I think the announcer said they have a 'HOPE" in their figure skater for a medal, honey".

Later on, while trying to guess who was going to light the cauldron at the end, we couldn't help joking that it would be very cool if His Holiness Pope Benedict skated in with the torch in his hand and did a triple jump in the air to light the cauldron before he landed. .... the conversation quickly became very silly with talk of flying fire-breathing hippos and other silly elementary school humor.

Needless to say, if you saw the opening ceremonies too, they were pretty disappointed in the actual lighting of the cauldron.  (although the lady singing the olympic hymn almost made up for it).

Dear world: Canada isn't really as crazy and unorganized as we appear on international television!


Anonymous said...

I did not think that it came off looking that disorganized. In fact I liked the fact that it was not a perfect orchestration of technical ability(like China). I liked the fact that Canada kept the focus on people.

Tina Marie said...

Unfortunately, I missed the lighting of the cauldron (I fell asleep), but heard about it from hubby and the kids. Aparently, there was a technical difficulty similar to the one they had at the 2000 games in Australia. The same guy organized both ceremonies and they both had a technical glitch with the cauldron lighting. Unfortunate coincidence. What I saw was pretty amazing, though and fun to watch with the whole family.