Tuesday, August 02, 2011

From the drafts folder: And he's off!!

This is timely... I was looking in my neglected 'drafts' folder and found this little gem.  I guess I can't be so slow in getting these memories down in this family... we're already onto the next baby crawling!! LOL  (also note that this was written on may 9, 2010... which means he was 7 months old.. not the crazy 4 that my new baby is)

Samuel learned how to crawl yesterday. He's been up on his hands and knees for weeks rocking back and forth but yesterday he finally figured out that if he moves his hands forward, he could start moving.

Now the sweet happy baby honeymoon is coming to a quick close... Out come the gates, the vacuum and the broom. Next, he will quickly move to conquering stairs, pulling things out of cupboards and off shelves. Next thing i know he'll be playing hockey in my kitchen with the other boys and hammering holes in my walls (don't ask). Oh sweet little baby, why are you growing so fast?

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