Monday, August 01, 2011

That was easy!

Last fall we bought the twins some run bikes for their birthday.  You might have seen them... they are little tiny bikes with no pedals.  The idea is that they can push themselves along with their feet, and glide forward.  This is supposed to help with developing the sense of balance needed to ride a two wheel bike without training wheels.

All year they could be seen riding up and down the sidewalks on our street, riding as fast as their little legs could push them.  They were quite the pair to be seen.  Being short for their age (4), they looked like two little toddlers zipping along...  in fact, just yesterday they scared a little old lady half to death as they zoomed by her on the way home from church.  She leapt out of their way with her hands in the air, muttering about 'hellions' and how worried she was about their safety.  (she obviously never raised twin boys).

Anyways,  yesterday they were hunting around in the shed and pulled out heather's old little bike (with pedals), and with a short 30 second lesson from their six year old sister Peter was off, riding a pedal bike!!

John Paul followed suit the next morning with a little push from Daddy and now they are tearing around the neighbourhood on big bikes looking very pleased with the increased speed.  Watch out!!

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Jeri said...

Wow I can't believe riding a bike was that easy for them. Go push bikes. Go kids go.