Monday, August 31, 2015

Day 16- Resting in the middle of Quebec

We were all ready for a rest day... a little laundry, a lot of swimming in the empty pool (all the kids went back to school this morning!) and a nice run in the morning with Elizabeth. Daddy and Peter made breakfast for us when we came home. 

Tonight we are having an early fire and hopefully an early bedtime.  The kids are enjoying a rousing game of truth-or-dare (oh the revelations that come out under the influence of fresh air and marshmallows!). The grownups are busy trying to plan our next stop. 

  We are just north of Trois-Rivieres where I stayed in university for 6 weeks as part of a government sponsored exchange.  It's a lovely area- lush with rolling hills, fields of corn and beans, and the St. Lawrence river.

The closer we get to Quebec city, the closer we get to parting ways with our friends.  They are going to visit family and tour along the eastern United States to brush up on some of the history they studied last year, and we are heading further east to the Maritimes where we will visit Nova Scotia, PEI and New Brunswick.  It has been such a fun time travelling with them. They are the perfect companions: easy-going, a great sense-of humor, and great friends to the children.  We will definitely miss our buddies!! Maybe next summer we can travel somewhere for another adventure with them.

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