Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Day 6- Crystal Lake

Last night it seemed like we drove FOREVER.  The kids were waging an epic Cheesie war in the back (don’t ask), momma was starting to feel under the weather, and we kept going and going, never any closer to our destination.  The beautifully flat and predictable prairies turned into windy roads with trees and more tress.  Little lakes popped up on either side of the highway everywhere we looked and it got closer and closer to sundown. 

Kenora was beautiful and we stopped for directions at the tourist Discovery Centre, but along the way, we abandoned our provincial park destination in favor of a little campground outside Vermillion Bay called Crystal Lake.  It only had 14 sites listed on their website and it was nearing 9pm so we were sending up prayers with our 14 guardian angels accompanying us that there would be room.

When we pulled in, it was like a vision of heaven: a beautiful lake, freshly mowed grass, large even spaces to camp on and even a pile of toys and bikes for the kids to play with.  We decided within the first 30 min that we should change our plans and stay there for two nights to enjoy our good luck and relax a bit before we attempted the crazy drive around Lake Superior. 
The kids spent the day in the little lake going for canoe rides with Sean, floating on big tubes, and playing in the sand.  Dana and I went for a leisurely 7Km run, and Sean explored the hiking trail around the lake.  It was a perfectly wonderful day – especially considering all the complaints of snowy weather from back home. 

Besides the fact that their washer was broken, it was a nice vacation within a vacation.  Now to find someplace up ahead to wash the growing mountain of dirty clothes in my shower.

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