Friday, August 21, 2015

Day 3 - RCMP museum

More grass. More Classic prairie towns. More gas stations.

The third day we were still going strong so we got up early and wandered into Regina to find the RCMP Heritage Museum. I made the group take the required picture in front of the big moose at the front door and then our group of 11 kids and 3 adults invaded the building.

It seemed like a pretty serious place... we had to trade our driver's licenses for a fancy visitor pass we had to wear around our necks as it is a working RCMP training centre.  The kids were outfitted with a  scavenger hunt on a clipboard and we wandered around the exhibit until it was time to go to the Sergeant Major's parade.   

The boys seemed to gravitate toward the CSI exhibit where you could help solve a crime, complete with examining blood samples, fingerprints and other clues.  I was hoping we could learn about the history of the RCMP LOL, but where there is blood and weapons, there are boys.  The little kids enjoyed dressing up like a Mountie, and I mostly followed the toddler and preschooler around making sure they didn't climb into the exhibits. 

At lunch time we walked as a group to the parade.  The kids were thrilled to see a real marching band go past us (though Sean says they were very out of tune).   After that four squadrons of cadets of varying years marched around.  It was fun to try and guess who were the newbies and who were more experienced.  It seemed to us that the more senior they are, the cooler the shoes and the poofier the pants.

On to Manitoba!! It was exciting to put the little red dots on our map of Canada as we drove through each new town: through more fields, listening to more music and oh the mosquitos!

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