Friday, June 23, 2006

Art show!!

Well the big day finally came, and our little Artist went to the opening of the art show her piece was featured in. All day, she was waiting with great anticipation for the big event. She was especially happy that her siblings, parents, grandparents, and great grandma, and great auntie were there to celebrate with her.

They had all the children's artwork framed and hung on the walls of the building with nice ambient lighting, soft background music, and of course ants-on-a-log, juice boxes and twizzlers for snacks. All the children looked so proud... and none were more proud then our little girl who got to cut the ribbon to open the show. She was very grownup about the whole thing and enjoyed talking to the director of the school. Now she is very excited to take another art class next year.

The photo is of her painting with the ribbon before she cut it. It will be on display for the whole month of July if you want to go see it. (One amusing highlight of the evening was her little sister H who kept trying to grab the scissors off the table beside the painting... I guess she wanted to cut the ribbon too? ) Posted by Picasa

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