Monday, June 26, 2006

Finishing up

Today we started on the second last lesson in math which is on subtraction. E picked it up right away and did her math pages so fast!! She's really good at telling time too (that is, as long as she remembers to put on her glasses in the morning so she can actually *see* the clock!).

We also did some more spelling out of our SWR book. We started on list B and she learned words like: good, so, no, last... She's learning 20 new spelling words a week with this program, and is doing great! Hopefully she'll be a much better speller than her mother.

We also did some painting (actually we did that yesterday, but hey, homeschooling can happen on sundays too can't it?). E and I painted together and had lots of fun playing with the crayon resist technique where you color with crayon first and then paint over it. (the paint doesn't stick to the crayon).
No pictures for your viewing pleasure today unfortuantely, because super blogger mom has to make dinner.

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