Monday, June 26, 2006

Nature Walk

The weather was so hot and uninspiring this afternoon that we decided to brave the sun and go for a walk through our community. We piled H into the stroller, sprayed on our sunscreen and wandered off up the sidewalk.

We saw so many dragonflies, although the kids swear they were the same two that were following us (Z told me they were a brother and a sister). We also saw:

-a hawk flying high overhead with two crows flying around it's head like little brothers would to an older sister.

-a beautiful black bird with red on it's wings who was singing the prettiest song.

-some pretty alberta roses in full bloom

-some brown-eyed susans (beautiful!)

-an airplane (z's favorite)

-three ponds, full of the sounds of birds, frogs and insects

-a duck sitting on a big rock

We had a nice time, and as a bonus, all four of us were so tired when we got home, we all slept for two and a half hours. (my favorite)

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