Monday, June 05, 2006

So sweet!

My father in law is a great amateur photographer, and he took this picture of H a few weekends ago when they were babysitting the kids. Isn't she the cutest thing ever?? One of her favorite things to do is sit and play with rocks... big ones, small ones, dirty ones... she just loves to pick them up and throw them. The other morning I was trying to sleep in a bit, and I was startled awake by a loud sound I couldn't quite place... it almost sounded like someone throwing hard objects onto the floor. Not being entirely sure that this should go uninvestigated, I followed the noise until I found H in her crib throwing a big rock onto the floor that she had somehow smuggled inside. E was picking it up and giving it back to her each time, so she could throw it again. Bang... bang... bang...

Kids can have fun with just about anything! Posted by Picasa


Melissa said...

What a nice picture

AV said...

This is a beautiful picture. The rock in the crib story is great!!! I wish they would have had blogs when my kids were little so I could have written down all the funny things they did. Your children will love this record when they are older. Is there a way of saving your archives off the web?

melanie said...

Isn't it so sweet?

AV, there are people you can pay who will archive it and print it for you, but i don't have money to spend on stuff like that.

I'm trying to remember to save them in a word file so I can make a little book myself for the kids.